How Hibernator can help you extend the life of your smartphone

All mobile device users are well aware that the smartphone battery is discharged very quickly. If you use social networks and messenger, the battery charge is enough at best for a day. And the main difficulty is that some of the smartphone programmes work in hidden background modes. That’s why the user doesn’t even understand why his device discharges so quickly.

In the process of solving this problem, you can use the capabilities of the Android operating system, which has functions that allow you to set the parameters of the programme. However, it will be uncomfortable for you to perform all these actions over and over again. That is why some of the developers of mobile software have noticed this problem and created such Some of the developers of mobile software have noticed this problem and created a useful helper. And to get to know him better, you just need to make Hibernator download. This is the name of the programme that will help the smartphone to work as long as possible and not to waste its resources on supporting the performance of unnecessary applications.

Features of the Hibernator

This simple but very efficient programme that helps users in the process of fast and incredibly convenient control of all running applications. And this makes it easy to understand that now consumes the resources of the mobile device. So, thanks to Hibernator, the user’s smartphone will now run only the software it allows you to do so. Moreover, in the Hibernator settings, you can command that the programme itself terminates each programme when the display is turned off.

That is, the use of Hibernator manifests itself in the following:

  1. RAM resources are released, which were spent on unnecessary programmes;
  2. smartphone starts to work appreciably faster;
  3. the battery does not heat up so quickly;
  4. significantly prolongs the period of operation of the device without charging.
Hibernator download

Essence of the Hibernator programme

Developers implement this programme for free.

  1. Hibernator works on all devices and all supported versions of Android.
  2. The programme does not pose any confidentiality risks because it does not need access to personal information.
  3. The use of Hibernator is something that all users with disabilities will appreciate, who have difficulty in performing the same type of closure actions each time many programmes are running.
  4. To run the programme, you should only allow this software to use Android services that are responsible for shutting down applications.
  5. Hibernator can analyse how users interact with the work interface to automate closing processes for running applications.
  6. The device owner should allow the utility to open on top of other windows when Hibernator is first started. This will allow the programme to display the contents of the standby screen to close running applications.
  7. And Hibernator will also require the ability to make some changes to a number of system settings to disable the monitor after the end of special programmes.

Best sources for software downloading

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